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Is there a need for new homes?

The council have identified that this site is appropriate for development in their adopted Local Plan, noting that the site has the capacity to deliver housing outside the Green Belt in a sustainable and accessible location. The site is surrounded by both existing and proposed development, and provides a logical site for development to meet local housing need.

What percentage of affordable housing will be provided?

We are currently gathering further data to determine how many affordable homes the scheme can support. A precise figure will be included within the planning application.

Is St. Modwen planning to acquire further land, or participate in development of further phases?

This  pre-application consultation focuses on Phase 2 of Blythe Vale. Any future phases on the land to the south of the A50 will be the subject of their own consultation exercises.

How many parking spaces will be provided and will visitors parking be allocated?

The total number of car parking spaces will depend on the total number of houses included on the final layout. Car parking spaces will be provided in line with the Council’s adopted car parking standards.

Will EV charging points be provided in Phase 2?

On Phase 1 of the development, EV charging points have been provided on all plots with garages and private parking adjacent to the house. We are looking to follow the same approach on Phase 2.

Will any improvements be made to local roads?

A Transport Assessment will be undertaken which will consider the existing and likely future use of the local highway network. This will be submitted for the council’s consideration as part of the planning application and will determine the need for any future road improvements.

Will you be upgrading the pedestrian network as part of the proposals?

The proposals will feature new footpaths and exercise trails which will connect with the existing Public Right of Way to the north of the site and encourage sustainable travel.

Will you be making any improvements to the A50 roundabout? It is already congested at peak times.

We are working with Highways England to understand its owns plans for the future of the Strategic Road Network in this area. However, our transport assessment indicates that the existing network and the new junction with the A521 that was built with Phase 1 have sufficient capacity to support Phase 2. Our transport assessment will be submitted with the planning application.

What impact will the roadway from Phase 1 to Phase 2 have on Woodlands Lane?

Woodlands Lane will remain a private road and will not form part of the access either to or from Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Have you applied for planning permission to divert the public footpath?

Diversion of the footpath requires a section 257 application will be submitted separately to the full planning application. We are looking to ensure that a public right of way remains open throughout construction.

Has local wildlife been considered?

In order to protect local wildlife and provide habitat connectivity, existing boundary features will be retained where possible and enhanced through additional planting to actively improve wildlife connectivity.

An ecology area will also be created in the south-eastern corner of the site. This will create additional habitats for a multitude of wildlife and protected species including Great Crested Newts.

How will the proposals improve biodiversity?

We are exploring ways in which we can avoid any loss of biodiversity on site through the creation of new habitats. We will mitigate the loss of any habitats through the creation of new habitats and enhancement of existing and retained features. This will be achieved through the planting of native species and woodland, incorporating managed meadowland along hedgerows and creating and managing the ecology area.

How do the proposals meet sustainability proposals?

The site is in a sustainable location which, along with new footpaths, will encourage active travel. The proposed layout has been designed to include a number of green open spaces, along with the retention of existing hedgerows and trees where possible, new planting throughout the site, and enhanced landscaping to promote biodiversity.

Will drainage be managed?

The drainage system for the development has been designed to reduce surface water run-off when compared with existing rates. Attenuation will be provided as part of the development to help manage surface water by holding it on-site and controlling the rate at which it is discharged into the network. Foul water will discharge into the existing network.

How will local infrastructure cope?

The site is in a sustainable location, with good access to a variety of nearby facilities and services including primary healthcare services and primary and secondary education institutions. There are several GP surgeries located within walking distance of the site.      

Discussions with the Council, NHS and Local Education Authority will take place to determine if any financial contributions are required.

What measures will be put in place to minimise disruption to existing neighbours during construction?

A construction and environmental management plan would be agreed with the Council, subject to planning permission.  This plan helps to ensure that construction work considers aspects of environmental protection and minimises impacts on people and the environment.

A similar document has already been agreed in relation to Phase 1 and St. Modwen Homes worked with local residents and the Local Planning Authority to address any issues which were raised.

Will visitors from outside Blythe Vale have access to the play area, ecology area and other recreation spaces?

Yes, they are public open spaces for the whole community to enjoy and benefit from.

What will you do to reduce the health risks caused by air pollution from the dual carriageway?

An air quality assessment will be submitted as part of the planning application which will include mitigation recommendations if deemed necessary. 

Have the local community groups been consulted?

We have been in contact with Draycott in the Moors Parish Council and Forsbrook Parish Council, as well as the local ward councillors.

They will be kept fully informed of future updates regarding the site proposals.

When will you be submitting the planning application and how long will it take to determine it?

We hope to submit a planning application as soon as the application is ready following incorporation of the comments received during the public consultation.

When would construction start on site?

It is intended that construction will start on site in 2022 subject to planning permission.