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Blythe Vale

Welcome to the Blythe Vale Phase 2 consultation website

St. Modwen Homes is bringing forward plans for the second phase of residential development at Blythe Vale, Blythe Bridge.


Our proposals seek to deliver approximately 200 new homes, enhanced landscaping and new public open recreation spaces and footpaths.

This consultation website provides details of our proposals, and answers a number of frequently asked questions.

How can I find out more?

As part of the public consultation we held a live webinar event to provide further information on the proposals and answer questions.

By following the link below, you can watch the webinar that took place on Wednesday 5th May 2021.

Click here to view our webinar

Local community benefits

We are committed to delivering a scheme that benefits future residents, whilst also contributing to the local community.

Our proposals offer a number of benefits for the surrounding community, including:

  • The provision of high-quality modern housing to meet the needs of a wide range of people.
  • Additional community amenities, including public open spaces, a children’s play area and walking and running routes.
  • Enhanced landscaping to improve site boundaries and maximise biodiversity on the site.
  • Improved site drainage compared to the current situation with surface water diverted into a culvert underneath the A50.

The site and vision

The site is located to the south of Uttoxeter Road, on the edge of Blythe Bridge, half a mile west of Draycott in the Moors and 5 miles from Stoke-on-Trent City centre.

Blythe Bridge offers a variety of local amenities including GP surgeries, primary and secondary schools and a number of shops and restaurants.

The site is located within walking distance of Blythe Bridge railway station and other modes of public transport are easily accessible.

Site considerations

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council’s adopted Local Plan has identified that this site is appropriate for development, noting that the site has the capacity to deliver housing outside the Green Belt, in a sustainable and accessible location.

Our plans provide the opportunity to build upon the progress already made on Blythe Vale Phase 1, offering a logical extension to the existing development, helping meet local housing need, and providing significant public open space for both new and existing residents to benefit from.


The proposals

The proposals are for approximately 200 new homes.  A mix of family homes and affordable housing, will be provided in line with local policy guidelines.

Phase 2 will be accessible via the new junction on the A521 which was built to serve Phase 1. This will be the only point of vehicular access, with Woodlands Lane remaining a private drive and only pedestrian access possible from the existing public right of way to the north of the Phase 2 site.

Design Considerations

Our plans have been designed to complement the character of the surrounding local area. When it comes to designing and building our developments, we consider the social and human impact of our work by creating much needed affordable homes, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

With top-class design and interiors guaranteed, we’re able to concentrate on other things that we know matter to homebuyers, including security, local amenities, work, educational opportunities, public transport and access to green space.


Illustrative masterplan

Illustrative masterplan - click to enlarge

Homes will be built to a maximum height of 2.5 storeys, taking into account the site’s changing land levels from north to south. Our new homes will be built to complement the existing homes in Phase 1. The images below illustrate the different housing styles and indicative building materials.

Indicative housing types

The provision of open and accessible green spaces is central to the scheme’s landscape design.

Community space

New areas of open green space will enhance the existing landscape and provide recreational areas for the benefit of new and existing residents. This will include a children’s play area in the south of the site, which will provide a safe space for children to play away from the main access road.

The existing public right of way located on the northern boundary will be partially diverted to create a footpath around the site’s perimeter. This will connect to new footpaths that will link to the ecology area and trim trail in the south east corner of the site.  The route will continue to be accessible to pedestrians via Woodlands Lane.

Natural environment

Landscaping measures will be implemented throughout the development to break up views within and to/from outside the site and to provide residents with privacy. This will include new hedgerow planting along the northern boundary, additional tree planting and the inclusion of an orchard.


A new ecology area will be included in the south-eastern corner of the site, which will include two new breeding ponds for Great Crested Newts, native woodland planting, and managed grassland to create additional wildlife habitats. We also propose to incorporate a footpath and trim trail route around this area, which will allow local residents to enjoy this amenity space whilst also protecting the wildlife that inhabits it.


The new junction with the A521 will be used to access the Phase 2 site.

Sustainable travel

Parking spaces, including visitor parking, will be provided in line with policy guidelines.

We are exploring the possibility of including Electric Vehicle charging points which we have successfully included in Phase 1 of the development.

We are focused on innovation and the future potential of our communities. We use the latest technology, materials, construction methods and sustainable energy sources wherever possible. As a result, we can ensure that we are doing the best for our customers, as well as communities and the environment.

Our homes go above and beyond building regulation requirements in order to maximise energy efficiency. We help to reduce energy wastage by providing well-insulated properties that are built to be twice as airtight as required in order to avoid unnecessary heat loss and associated costs. Moreover, our homes are all designed to maximise daylighting and solar gains due to the larger windows and high ceilings.

About St. Modwen Homes

St. Modwen Homes is an award-winning national housebuilder with developments across England and Wales.

Our core purpose as a business is ‘Changing Places. Creating Better Futures’. We’re committed to delivering high-quality homes and long-lasting communities, as well as excellent levels of customer service.  We work collaboratively with members of the community and key stakeholders to create places which benefit existing and future residents.

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